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Amazing Week

OK…so the title is a bit sarcastic because it really hasn’t been that amazing!  It’s been eventful at times and boring the other times.  Though incredibly busy.  And school hasn’t even started yet!

I had all kinds of posts being prepared for this week and of course that means that life took over making me lucky to get anything done.

Tuesday, I was spending practically 1/2 the day trying to fill out an application for a new checking account with an online bank I already do business with.  I gave up after calling three times, but I may need to call them again today because they still haven’t fixed the problem!  I messed up the application because of information they gave me and was unable to correct it so I’m trying to get them to delete the application so I can start it over.

On Wednesday, my 8-year-old had a horrible nose bleed (both nostrils) for no reason we can figure out.  He’s had it before, but it’s been about 2-3 years.  That took a good 30 minutes to stop, then I had all the clean-up to do, while he sat watching cartoons like it never happened.  Kids are so resilient!

Thursday was another busy day.  We did a quick grocery shopping in the morning for buy one, get one free items.  In the afternoon we had to go to my 11-year-old’s new school to pick up his 7th grade schedule and get him the required 7th grade shot.  I dragged him around a bit looking for his classes and timing how long it will take for him to get to his Gifted Social Studies class from his Algebra I Honors class on the other side of the school.  Lucky for him all his other classes are in the same two hallways next to each other!  His classes are: Gifted Language Arts, Band (he’ll be playing the baritone), Technology (1st semester–he chose Art for the 2nd semester, but we haven’t received that schedule yet), Algebra I Honors (HS credit), Gifted Social Studies, and Gifted Science.  I’m hoping it will be a good year for him!

That evening I was getting ready to prepare dinner and my 8-year-old comes running out of his brother’s room screaming and crying.  I immediately thought his nose started bleeding again, but it turned out that he clipped his finger in a folding chair and tore a chunk off the pad of a finger.  More blood and cleaning up, though this one wasn’t as messy.  It did push dinner back some though.

Yesterday I also found out I won a prize from Stacks and Stacks blog giveaway!  So that is one good thing that happened this week!

Hopefully the rest of the week will contain less blood and more good!  *Crossing Fingers*

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