Genealogy Surnames

NOTE: I forgot to link to the actual surname pages so I have now fixed those.  You can click on the line you are interested in and it will bring you to a list of surnames for that line.

Researching my genealogy is an interest of mine that I have done off and on since I was a teenager.  I don’t always have the time to work on it or the money to join websites like, but every once in a while I get on a genealogy kick.

Other members of my family are also involved in our genealogy so I get information from their research, too.  We’ve even gotten some interesting DNA results that are leaving us scratching our heads a bit!

The pages attached to this one are lists of direct line surnames from each side of my family:

paternal grandmother

paternal grandfather

maternal grandmother

maternal grandfather

husband’s direct line surnames (Unfortunately, we do not have that many for my husband’s side, but I’m hoping to change that at some point in time.)

Please be aware that much of my research is still not sourced! I am very slowly working on that so the lists may be revised as necessary.

My family’s ancestors have mostly immigrated to America from England, Denmark, and Germany to the New England area — mainly New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, and Massachusetts.  We do have plenty of ancestors from other countries, too!

My husband is from Italy so all his family and ancestors are from there, which sometimes makes it more difficult to do research for various reasons.

If you see a name on the one of my lists that you believe is also part of your genealogy, feel free to leave a comment.  I may open up an email specifically for this blog at a later date, but I’m not yet ready for that at this time.  I’d love to connect with other cousins!

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